About Us (Individually)

Mulder sees himself as left-wing, as he’s more drawn towards radical ideas for improving the world. He sees no justification for corporations to exist, and is drawn towards the idea of post-capitalism. He is a member of the Green Party because he believes that they strike the best balance between radical left-wing policies and mainstream appeal.

Scully sees herself as viewing politics from a right-wing conservative perspective, but believes in ideas which are currently seen as left-wing. She prefers policies which have been tried, tested and proven to work rather than radically new and different approaches which, while great in theory, might not work in practice. She has never been tempted to join the Tory Party as she feels they put ideology before evidence, with Cameron’s government being an extension of a pre-existing trend. She is a member of the Green Party because she considers them to have the most evidence-based approach to policy.

‘Dan Ashcroft’ is angry.