About Us (Collectively)

We’ve used the following as a collective bio on various platforms:

Left-wing politics bloggers trying to make sense of the world. Green, Chomskyite, uncertain, pro-debate, anti-woo, Keynesian, sceptical, angry, hopeful. #PoliticsForBeginners

While there are some values that are generally considered right-wing that we agree with (that hard-working people should be rewarded for their hard work; that wasted resources are bad) we tend more towards values generally considered left-wing (acceptance of global warming as an immediate crisis; preferring a moral and consistent foreign policy over devious realpolitik; favouring a large-scale state investment in research and education).

We are both active members of the Green Party, though at such a low level that we basically have no power or authority, or even the potential to hold power or authority.

We are, to varying degrees, admirers of Noam Chomsky,and believe it’s important to be cynical about official stories given to us by the state, given that the powerful want to control the stories that are told about themselves.

We’re uncertain about a lot of the things we think we believe, and this blog is an attempt to iron out our understanding of some complex questions.

We believe that honest debate, in which all participants try to be open-minded rather than trying to ‘win’ an argument, is one of the most vital parts of a functional democracy. We also believe that social media offers ordinary people around the world an unprecedented opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences, if we could learn to listen more.

We both find it frustrating when legitimate questioning of authority is diverted by anti-vaccine, chemtrail, and 9-11 ‘truther’ nonsense, and find the rejection of western medicine in favour of stupidity like homeopathy terrifying. (It’s probably worth mentioning that we’ve both been pleasantly surprised at the relatively low level of belief in this nonsense amongst Green Party members since joining the party in the last few years.)

We both support the beliefs of the growing ‘anti-austerity’ movement against cuts to the state, and go further, believing in the power of the state to stimulate growth, and be a powerful tool for investment in the future. We believe that this is particularly true in times of low opportunity such as these, in the manner of Keynesian economics.

We think that it’s important to be sceptical and critical of all institutions and authorities, especially those we support.

We’re angry at the unnecessary suffering in a world that seems to see the weak and vulnerable as expendable.

Despite all the above, we are optimistic about the kind of positive changes we could make if we could learn to replace our political culture of disengagement, spin and manipulation with one of mass engagement, open-mindedness and co-operation.

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