A Rational Approach to Fighting Terrorism

 A version of this post first appeared on our Facebook page the day after the Westminster attack.

Victims of Terrorist Attacks in Western EuropeWhen it comes to terrorism, the UK is currently the safest that it’s been for decades.

People have been sharing a video of EDL organiser Tommy Robinson demanding that ‘people realise we’re at war’. If the UK and the west are at war with Islamic terrorism, we’re also at war with white nationalist terrorism. Last year Thomas Mair killed Jo Cox because she works with immigrants. The Canadian Alexandre Bissonette killed six Muslims at a mosque. Two years ago Dylann Roof killed nine people at a black church, in what he admitted was an attempt to ignite a race war. In 2011 Anders Breivik killed 77 Norwegians – in his manifesto he attacked Islam, feminism, and Cultural Marxism (which is literally Nazi propaganda – they called it Cultural Bolshevikism).


Earlier that week, at least 33 civilians were killed by American airstrikes near Raqqa, Syria. Al Qaeda and ISIS propaganda depicts ‘the west’ as evil, engaged in a religious war against Islam. Our governments’ actions help ISIS propaganda work, and help them to recruit the next wave of killers.

On the day of the attack, before the name of the terrorist was released, Arron Banks was attacking Theresa May for letting too many ‘illegals’ into the country. Have any illegal immigrants committed terrorist attacks in the UK? Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson shared a photo of a Muslim woman looking at her phone while walking past a white victim receiving treatment, as if this proved something about her character.

Thomas Mair and Anders Brevik are white nationalists who killed white Europeans for not hating Muslims enough. ISIS kill Muslims for not hating the west enough.

It’s hard for us as individuals to do much to counter ISIS directly, but we can break the cycle of hatred by condemning white British hate preachers like Tommy Robinson, Arron Banks and Paul Watson.

It’s understandable that people are afraid of terrorists, and rightly so. But the way ahead is to extinguish the hatred on both sides, not inflame it.


Author: Mulder and Scully

Left-wing politics bloggers trying to make sense of the world. Green, Chomskyite, uncertain, pro-debate, anti-woo, Keynesian, sceptical, angry, hopeful. #PoliticsForBeginners

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